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Trusting Implant Dentistry To Restore Smiles

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In time, the damage to tissues due to gum disease can weaken support for your teeth. Many patients who struggle with their periodontal health find that they need to undergo extractions due to this harm. Does this mean you will have to accept that gum disease will eventually rob you of your complete smile? The right approach to periodontal care can help you prevent this. However, if you have already lost teeth or need extractions, there is also an effective approach to restoring what was lost. The practitioners at FLX Periodontics have considerable experience restoring patients’ incomplete smiles through work with dental implants. We can help you gain back what you have lost and enjoy the cosmetic and oral health benefits of regaining a complete smile!

The Connection Between Gum Disease And Tooth Loss

Why do people with gum disease face heightened tooth loss risks? In time, the bacteria responsible for an infection will harm surrounding gum and bone tissues, which leads to serious attachment loss. As that problem worsens, teeth start to feel loose, and they may need to be extracted. The complications related to gum disease are actually the lead cause of adult tooth loss, which is one of many reasons why effective management is important.

We Can Help You Regain Your Complete Smile

If you have already experienced tooth loss, or if you need to schedule extractions due to attachment loss, implant dentistry can help. Through the use of advanced imaging technology, we can assess your candidacy for treatment. Based on what we find during your review, we can move forward with care or plan preliminary work to help you qualify. Patients who are ready to proceed will have their jaw structure evaluated so that we can identify the ideal location and angle for implants. From there, we will arrange the placement procedure. Your recovery after treatment gives your surrounding jaw tissues time to heal and fuse to the implant. Once you have recovered, we can secure your restoration and give you back your complete smile!

Helping Patients Qualify For Prosthetic Dental Work

There are different approaches we can take to help patients move forward with prosthodontic treatment with dental implants. Whether you require extraction services due to existing tissue damage or need help due to the presence of an infection at the site where your implant must be placed, we can make plans to care for you.

Talk To FLX Periodontics About Implant Dentistry And Your Incomplete Smile

Thanks to the work done to place and restore dental implants, many patients have come away with significantly improved smiles. They can also enjoy better bite support and lasting oral health benefits from this approach to prosthetic care. If you would like to learn more about this service and how it can help you, contact FLX Periodontics at our Fairport office by calling 585.223.6040, or reach our Geneva, NY location at 315.789.2389.