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Renee – Dental Hygienist

Renee joined FLX Periodontics team in 1988 and offers terrific support to patients in her role as dental hygienist. She is a graduate of Monroe Community College and is certified in CPR. One aspect of her career she loves is using her connection with patients to provide them with an education on oral hygiene in addition to in-office care. Offering this support, and connecting with the people who depend on her services on a personal level, makes her position gratifying. In her personal time, Renee supports animal shelters and has helped to rescue numerous dogs. She enjoys gardening, football, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Cat – Surgical Assistant

Cat joined us as a surgical assistant in 2014. She holds a Practical Nursing Degree and is a Licensed Practical Nurse. She was excited to be part of the medical field long before entering school for dental work; she loves continuing to grow in her knowledge of the dental surgery field, and appreciates being on hand to both observe treatments and support patients who receive them. What she also enjoys about her job is how it lets her learn about patients’ lives and experiences while developing personal bonds to them. Outside of the office, she enjoys singing, dancing, yoga, reading, and studying different aspects of care. She holds memberships with PBS and St. Jude.

Count On The FLX Periodontics Team To Support You During Every Visit!

Every member of the FLX Periodontics team is proud to support patients who come to us from care. Beyond offering support for your health, all of our staff believe in the importance of making sure you feel comfortable and welcomed during every visit. For more information or to book an appointment, call FLX Periodontics in Geneva, NY at 315.789.2389, or contact our Fairport office at 585.223.6040.