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Periodontal Scaling And Root Planing

At routine dental checkups, hygiene care in the form of teeth cleanings protect against plaque and tartar buildup. These sessions focus on the removal of harmful debris only on the visible portions of teeth. For patients affected by poor gum health, the concern is that bacteria under the gums and on the roots need to be dealt with, too. Through periodontal scaling and root planing performed by our terrific hygienists, harmful agents on your roots are removed, and the surfaces of these areas are effectively polished to limit further buildup!

When You Require More Than A Traditional Dental Cleaning

While routine dental cleanings provide important protection, they leave areas of the tooth structure under your gums untouched. For a healthy patient, this area can be left unaddressed, but someone dealing with gum disease has problems with bacteria buildup on the roots that should not be ignored. Patients who have a history of poor gum health or active symptoms of gingivitis benefit from a service that will remove harmful microbes from these spaces. In addition to providing this treatment, your periodontal scaling and root planing will polish the surfaces of the roots, which makes it harder for new bacteria to gather.

Making Preventive Services And Cleaning Part Of Your Defense Strategy

Scaling and root planing can protect against harmful effects of gum disease. Whether it is relied on to halt gingivitis and give your periodontal tissues the opportunity to recover or becomes part of a larger strategy to fight a serious infection, this service provides key defense for a vulnerable area. We can help you understand what scaling and root planing offers as a single service and as part of a larger treatment approach.

Our History With Scaling And Root Planing

Dr. Goel, Dr. Meitner, and Dr. Lee each possess considerable experience in matters of periodontal care, and they know how valuable the right maintenance can be. Because of this, they ensure patients who would benefit have regular scaling and root planing services provided by our fantastic hygienists. Dr. Meitner has 40 years of experience helping patients fight the accumulation of periodontal bacteria, while Dr. Goel boasts 20 years of experience tending to matters of gum health as well. Both can help patients control infections with a dedicated schedule of cleanings that fight the accumulation and spread of harmful microbes as part of a larger strategy for managing gum health.

Talk To FLX Periodontics About Periodontal Scaling And Root Planing

Scaling and root planing protects your gums against harmful bacteria and also helps to make future plaque and tartar buildup more difficult. If you have questions about this service, or about the larger goal of restoring your periodontal health, call FLX Periodontics in Geneva, NY at 315.789.2389, or call our Fairport location at 585.223.6040.