Should I Start Seeing A Periodontist?

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Knowing that your smile is healthy is important. For people who frequently struggle with gum disease, it can feel as though good health is always out of reach. Is there something you can do to put this problem behind you? Many who suffer from persistent problems will develop a more advanced form of gum disease that requires the attention of a specialist. FLX Periodontics provides ongoing support to those whose infections have progressed past the point of gingivitis. Whether you have active worries because of problems like tissue recession, discoloration, or tooth loss or you want to prevent these issues, we can help by providing a personalized approach to care.

Gum Disease Can Have More Impact On Your Health Than You Realize

What can gum disease do to affect your well-being? If you struggle with poor periodontal health and do not have the right treatment, your risk for tooth loss increases. Complications from advanced gum disease lead all other causes when it comes to tooth loss, as bacteria can cause worrying tissue damage and attachment loss in time. You can also experience unattractive changes to your appearance due to discoloration and tissue recession. An addition concern is the potential link between gum disease and general health concerns like heart disease.

We Provide Treatment Solutions That Are Personalized For Patients

What should you expect when you visit a periodontist? Our doctors have considerable experience in this field, and they have relied on that experience as well as advances in technology to provide care that is effective and surprisingly comfortable. With that said, the specifics of your support will depend on your condition. We take care to provide personalized solutions. Whether you need to prevent your condition from worsening or need to respond to active harm, we can create a plan that truly suits you.

When Gum Disease Has Already Resulted In Tooth Loss

Our services include support for those patients who have already experienced tooth loss because of advanced gum disease. We work closely with patients who are interested in restorative care featuring dental implants. Whether you are currently a good candidate for placement or require preliminary services to become one, we can start a process that ends with you showing off a full, confident smile!

Start Seeing A Periodontist At FLX Periodontics To Protect Your Gums And Your Health!

Someone who struggles to keep their gums healthy can benefit from meeting with a specialist. In doing so, you can learn about services that help you protect these tissues, and you enjoy important protection against potential complications. If you would like to learn more about the role we play in taking on gum disease, call FLX Periodontics Fairport office at 585.223.6040, or reach our Geneva office at 315-789-2389.

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