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Implant Dentistry

If your periodontal health is not managed properly, you face several serious risks. One of those risks is tooth loss, as complications from gum disease are the leading cause of tooth loss for adults. As part of our work with patients impacted by poor gum health, we offer prosthodontic work in the form of implant dentistry. This is a solution that keeps restorations permanently in place with enough security to let you comfortably bite and chew.

Reasons To Look Into Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry makes the permanent restoration of your incomplete smile possible by anchoring a custom restoration in position. We take care to closely evaluate your jaw and oral structures to both confirm you are ready for the placement procedure and map out the precise location and angle for the implant. The position is important; when properly placed, your implant provides lasting support for your prosthetic and it can stimulate the jawbone to keep it in good health.

Long-term benefits from implant dentistry include:

  • Regaining your complete smile
  • More support when you bite and chew, which helps distribute pressure among teeth and makes TMJ problems less likely in the future
  • Reduced risk for losing neighboring teeth
  • Stimulation in your jawbone to protect against bone resorption, which can negatively impact your appearance and health

Our History With Laser Periodontal Care

Our practice stands apart from other periodontal offices thanks to our long history with patient care, particularly when it comes to care that depends on laser technology. Dr. Goel was the first person to bring LANAP services to our community, and he serves as a Nationally Certified Trainer for this care. Dr. Meitner was the second in our area to begin treating patients with the Periolase laser. When their records with laser care are viewed together, it becomes clear that Dr. Goel, Dr. Meitner, and Dr. Lee have had a significant positive impact on periodontal health in our communities. This is because they both brought LANAP and other laser services to the region and have directly provided support to close to 20,000 patients (and counting)! 

Talk To FLX Periodontics About Implant Dentistry And The Restoration Of Your Complete Smile

Through the restoration of your complete smile with implant dentistry, our practice can give you back confidence in your appearance and oral health. We can also prevent the onset of new difficulties associated with tooth loss. To find out more, reach out to FLX Periodontics in Geneva, NY at 315.789.2389, or you can contact our Fairport office at 585.223.6040.