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Receding Gums

Tissue recession is one of many warnings that you are suffering from poor gum health. Unfortunately, once this issue occurs, you can lose confidence in your smile and experience frustrating discomfort due to heightened dental sensitivity. Treatment for receding gums can improve how you look while also protecting portions of the tooth structure that depend on coverage from healthy tissues.

Reasons To Take Gum Recession Seriously

As your gums recede because of an infection, they expose portions of your tooth structure that are more vulnerable to problems and generally more sensitive. This can make hot and cold items difficult to enjoy, and it can make you more likely to develop new oral health issues. That change in tissues also interferes with your smile by making certain teeth look longer and uneven, and by disrupting your facial symmetry.

Treating Your Receding Gums

There are different solutions for the treatment of receding gums. Tissue grafts have been used to help patients with this issue, but there are also non-surgical alternatives that allow tissues to be manipulated into their proper positions. We can help you understand your options and what to expect from your procedure. You may be surprised at how little time is required to care for you, as well as how efficiently tissue modifications can take place.

Our History With Tissue Recession And Treatment

Dr. Meitner has 40 years of history with gum disease treatment, and Dr. Goel boasts 20 years of history as well. In that time, they have worked with patients whose conditions presented varying degrees of severity and varying challenges. One common issue is with the unsightly and uncomfortable issue of tissue recession. Both practitioners have kept up with changes in technology and treatment styles to continually provide their patients with advanced care. FLX Periodontics continues that tradition—you can look forward to patient-friendly, sophisticated treatments that reduce needed recovery times and make your experiences with this and other treatments more comfortable!

Talk To FLX Periodontics About Treating Your Receding Gumline

When gums recede, problems with your health and appearance can become a significant worry. Our practice is here to help with these problems, and we can do so while making your treatment time surprisingly short and comfortable. If you would like to learn more, call FLX Periodontics at our Geneva location at 315.789.2389, or contact our Fairport location at 585.223.6040.