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LANAP Laser Gum Care

With the option to treat patients with the LANAP laser protocol, our practice offers a minimally invasive treatment that addresses periodontal pocket formation, tissue damage, and infection stemming from gum disease. This allows us to resolve serious issues and protect you against further harm from invasive microbes while reducing bleeding and harm to the gums. In addition to making care itself more comfortable, this results in a shorter and easier recovery period!

How LANAP Helps Patients Affected By Periodontal Disease

As gum disease worsens, bacteria will multiply and spread on the roots of teeth. This causes the formation of pockets between the tooth and periodontal tissues as well as bleeding, attachment loss, and recession. The harm done by these microbes can also lead to tooth loss as the support for your teeth weakens.

With LANAP, we have the means to carefully tend to areas negatively impacted by disease. Through the careful removal of bacteria and diseased tissues, we can stop further harm and stimulate the healing process so that new gum tissues can replace what was lost. Lasers minimize the impact of this process as your care is more comfortable and targeted, and it can minimize bleeding as well as changes to healthy surrounding tissues. The process is conservative enough to make suturing unnecessary while also limiting bleeding and overall discomfort. You can even enjoy a faster recovery after treatment!

Our History With Laser Periodontal Care

Our practice stands apart from other periodontal offices thanks to our long history with patient care, particularly when it comes to care that depends on laser technology. Dr. Goel was the first person to bring LANAP services to our community, and he serves as a Nationally Certified Trainer for this care. Dr. Meitner was the second in our area to begin treating patients with the Periolase laser. When their records with laser care are viewed together, it becomes clear that Dr. Goel, Dr. Meitner, and Dr. Lee have had a significant positive impact on periodontal health in our communities. This is because they both brought LANAP and other laser services to the region and have directly provided support to close to 20,000 patients (and counting)! 

FLX Perio Offers The LANAP Laser Protocol For Gum Disease!

Untreated gum disease carries many consequences. Fortunately, serious issues can be addressed with the LANAP laser protocol, which offers important care while minimizing the impact of care on your periodontal tissues. For more information, call FLX Perio in Geneva, NY at 315.789.2389 or reach our Pittsford office at 315.849.5503.