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Your doctors at FLX Periodontics each possess decades of treatment experience. That means they have helped thousands of people in and around the communities of our New York offices, but it also means they have observed the impact that changes in technology have had on treatments. Dr. Goel, Dr. Meitner, and Dr. Lee, and all of our team members keep up with updates in technology so that we can consistently make advanced services available while prioritizing our patients’ comfort and results!

The Importance Of Advanced Imaging For General Evaluations And Treatments

Imaging technology aids in the detection and thorough examination of periodontal problems. These tools can also prove valuable in preparing treatments, particularly those that involve the restoration of incomplete smiles. We rely on digital technology in many reviews because we can make the steps involved in closely studying certain areas more comfortable and because they offer remarkable detail. We are happy to answer questions that you may have regarding the use of 3D and digital imaging in any step of your care.

Technology And Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Goel, Dr. Meitner, and Dr. Lee were among the first practitioners in the area to make use of the advances in laser technology that would change periodontal care. Dr. Goel was the first person to bring LANAP services to our community, while Dr. Meitner was the second in our area to begin treating patients with the Periolase laser.

Thanks to the LANAP protocol, our work to remove and reshape unhealthy gums, as well as targeted measures to fight harmful bacteria, is more precise and comfortable than treatments with manual tools. This technology also limits tissue damage and bleeding so that we avoid the need for suturing and produce shorter recovery times.

How Advanced Imaging And 3D Printing Technology Improve Prosthetic Dental Services

Through detailed imaging and photogrammetry, we are able to carefully examine the jaws and oral structures of patients interested in implant dentistry. This leads to better planning and more precise implant placement, which can be vital to the long-term success of your smile restoration.

For our patients who need more significant restorative work, we team with Progressive Implantology And Periodontics to provide Confident Smile™ treatment. This work relies on photogrammetry and 3D printing, as well as exocad digital design technology, to yield superior results that we can fit into a surprisingly short window of time. This technology enables us to replace a full dental arch with a few carefully placed implants. From the early planning stages through the implant placement itself, you benefit from having access to experienced providers and advanced technology that improves on treatment.

Contact FLX Periodontics To Learn How Our Technology Leads To Better Treatment Experiences

Your doctors at FLX Periodontics have spent decades caring for people in and around the Geneva and Fairport communities. In that time, they have both honed their skills when it comes to supporting patients and maintained commitments to keeping up with changing technology. To find out how our use of technology can benefit you, reach out to FLX Periodontics in Geneva, NY at 315.789.2389, or call our Fairport office at 585.223.6040.