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Tooth Removal Services

Tooth removal services are sometimes necessary to help patients struggling with gum disease. Unfortunately, a periodontal infection can damage the tissues that support our teeth. The longer this goes on, the more vulnerable you are to teeth becoming loose to the point where action needs to be taken. The good news is that by arranging a professional tooth extraction, you can have a safe removal and prepare for the restoration of your full smile with follow-up prosthodontic care.

Attachment Loss And Tissue Damage Can Leave Teeth Unstable

As periodontal problems worsen, pockets around teeth deepen and the gum and bone tissues that support them are eroded. Eventually, this can leave certain teeth insecure to the point where you will need to have them removed. Our practice can assist you in this matter if your gum disease treatment needs to include this step. We have helped many people with safe dental extractions as part of a larger strategy to respond to periodontal disease.

Safely Removing Poorly Secured Teeth

We rely on advanced imaging technology and tools to closely evaluate patients and prepare for different services. By taking care to provide the right experience with your extraction, we can make a difficult aspect of gum disease easier. This is because we can make the removal more comfortable, and because we can provide the service to ensure there are not further complications. We can also make this just one step in a larger plan to bring your gum disease under control and restore your complete smile.

Making Plans To Restore Your Incomplete Smile

Providing full support for gum disease can mean taking on different consequences of your infection, including attachment loss and tooth loss. By providing a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan, we can make tooth extraction less intimidating by putting it in a larger context for care. Your plans can proceed from an extraction and disease management to plans for the restoration of your full smile—Dr. Goel, Dr. Meitner, and Dr. Lee have decades of experience with implant dentistry, and they offer Confident Smile™ as a convenient solution for advanced tooth loss!

Have Your Insecure Tooth Safely Extracted At FLX Periodontics

Attachment loss caused by gum disease can make teeth insecure, causing bite problems and general discomfort. When this kind of irreversible harm leaves you without the support you need, we can help by arranging a safe extraction and planning the restoration of your smile. If you would like to learn more about our tooth removal services, call FLX Periodontics in Geneva, NY at 315.789.2389, or contact our Fairport office at 585.223.6040.