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FLX Periodontics is proud to be serving our community for over 35 years.

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LANAP Laser Gum Care

Our laser treatments make advanced care for gum disease possible while minimizing the discomfort from working on sensitive tissues.

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Dental Implants

We can use dental implants to respond to different degrees of tooth loss so that you feel happier with your smile, dental function, and health.

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Confident Smile™

With Confident Smile™, a revolutionary full arch dental implant solution for patients suffering with missing or failing teeth or those who dislike their ill-fitting dentures. Confident smile can give you a beautiful, natural, new smile!

Prioritizing Care For Your Periodontal Health

The Link Between Gum Disease And General Health

A history of poor periodontal health can make dental care frustrating and uncomfortable. It may be hard to begin visiting a specialist to make sure your gums are properly treated, but doing so is important for several reasons. The right services protect against tissue recession, tooth loss, and general health concerns. We make these services easier to enjoy by using advanced tools and maintaining a friendly atmosphere that makes our patients feel welcomed and at ease.

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Meet Your FLX Periodontics Doctors

Enjoy Advanced Care From Experienced Providers

Dr. Goel, Dr. Meitner, and Dr. Lee use their experience in periodontal care to take on serious challenges to gum health, and they do so while making your comfort throughout treatment a priority. You can enjoy a tailored approach to care that accounts for your history with gum disease, the current state of your periodontal health, and your past experiences with dental work in order to receive superior support at every visit.


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Dr. Sean Meitner

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