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When periodontal problems are ignored, the consequences affect more than just your smile. Gum infection makes you vulnerable to the formation of gingival pockets and tissue recession, and in time attachment loss can lead to the loss of teeth. What you also need to worry about is the movement of periodontal bacteria through the bloodstream, as this leads to general risks to your well-being. Gum disease has been connected with serious conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, making its management a priority.

We provide services that help manage active problems with advanced periodontal disease as well as services to help prevent its onset. Based on what we observe during your free consultation, we can plan a treatment course that preserves your appearance and health!

Managing The Threat To Your Gums

Gingivitis is the initial stage of a gum infection. It is reversible, which means the tissues regain their full health when treatment occurs in time. Unfortunately, many will let problems go unaddressed until complications occur. In these cases, long-term management can become the priority, as the condition becomes a permanent concern. Our review will tell us what you need from treatment. We offer more conservative preventive services, like scaling and root planing, that help tissues return to a healthy state. For someone with advanced tissue damage and tooth loss, more significant services are available to prevent the more serious consequences of advanced gum disease.

Count On Periodontal Disease Prevention And Treatment At FLX Perio!

FLX Periodontics is prepared to help patients impacted by poor periodontal health. From your evaluation forward, we can chart a path to healthier gums in order to protect your smile and quality of life! For more information, call our Fairport office at 585.223.6040 or our Geneva location at 315.789.2389.