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Who Benefits From Periodontal Care?

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Are your gums receiving enough protection during your general dental checkups? For patients with a history of periodontal problems, particularly those with active gum disease, the right care may call for the support of a specialist. Periodontics is a branch of oral care that focuses on the health and treatment needs of the gums. An infection affecting these soft tissues can have more impact on you than you might realize. In addition to being the primary reason adults lose teeth, advanced infections are connected with serious health threats like heart disease, dementia, and more! FLX Periodontics provides dedicated services to help those who need more support for their gums. We can evaluate you to determine what kind of support you need so that a treatment plan can be shaped around your unique circumstances.

Do I Need Specialized Treatment For My Gums?

Gingivitis is the first stage of a periodontal infection, one that people can be familiar with. If it is identified and addressed in time, it is reversible, which means your gums return to their healthy state. However, many people will not receive the support they need in time, which puts them at risk for advanced problems. Gum disease that progresses past the initial stage of an infection will leave you with persistent problems from bacteria that attack the gums and surrounding jawbone tissues, leading to tooth loss and new infection risks.

The Connection Between Your Periodontal And General Health

You may not realize it, but that issue with your gums could do harm to more than just your smile. Tooth loss caused by your infection will impact your diet, and over time it can affect your speech, jaw movement, and facial features. The bacteria that are responsible for gum disease can also lead to new infection issues as they move to different parts of the body by entering and traveling through the bloodstream.

Creating A Smart Treatment Strategy

Visiting a periodontal specialist is an important first step in treating gum disease and stopping it from affecting your overall quality of life. We will perform an initial evaluation and talk with you about your medical history and current troubles. From there, we can assess what kind of support you need. Whether you only require maintenance appointments to remove bacteria or need more involved care—including advanced periodontal services with lasers—we can provide advanced treatment options to provide lasting protection.

Talk To FLX Periodontics About Booking Your First Visit!

By turning to a specialist for periodontal support, you can keep your smile safe against a potentially serious infection. To learn more about how you can benefit from visiting with a periodontal specialist, call FLX Periodontics at our Fairport, NY location at 585.223.6040, or call our Geneva office at 315.789.2389.