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When Your Smile Needs Tooth Extraction

When periodontal disease leads to loosened teeth, we may need to remove them to secure a replacement as part of your prosthodontic care. Our team can complete a tooth extraction with comfort and precision. Our team of talented periodontic experts in Geneva and Fairport, NY, can oversee an extraction to protect your oral health and start you on the path to a full and healthy smile.

Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

How does gum disease cause tooth loss? When the disease is not managed with treatment, then it could reach a more advanced stage known as periodontitis. At this point, the tissues connecting your teeth and gums could deteriorate, which leads to loose and missing teeth. The rate of tooth loss will increase with time unless action is taken to manage the disease, and this is in fact the number one cause of adult tooth loss. When a tooth is loose, we can remove it before we move on to the prosthodontic care necessary to address the gaps in your smile!

The Dental Extraction Process

Our team will carefully examine the smile with digital x-rays so we can pinpoint the position of the loosened teeth, and plan a safe and gentle tooth extraction. Next, we will numb the area where the extraction is taking place, and we can discuss sedation too, which helps you enter a calm and relaxed state, with little to no memory of the procedure afterward. With forceps, we will gently extract the tooth and then suture the area closed. You will need to rest for a day or two, and if needed, we can remove the sutures in a follow-up visit.

Tooth Replacement Options

Our team can then discuss treatment to help manage your gum disease, so you avoid painful symptoms and the risk of tooth loss is reduced significantly. In fact, should you ever develop symptoms of periodontal disease, such as sore, red gums that bleed easily, let us know so we can offer treatment to keep the disease in a manageable state, protecting the health and appearance of your smile.

When the extraction site heals, we can discuss prosthodontic care to replace the missing tooth. For example, once the disease is properly managed, we could place dental implants to offer a secure and long-lasting solution to minor or even advanced tooth loss, helping you smile with confidence. Dental implants not only look natural, but they function like natural teeth and have the ability to last for decades to come.

If you have any questions about treating gum disease, or about implant dentistry, then reach out to our team today.


When a tooth is compromised, we can conduct a safe and gentle tooth removal. For more information on how we treat periodontal concerns and address missing teeth, give us a call at our Fairport, NY office at 585.223.6040!