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Fight Back Against Gum Disease with Scaling And Root Planing

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If you have started to notice a shift in your gumline, talk to a trusted dentist about the health of your gums. You may have a common condition known as periodontal disease, which is the infection and inflammation of your gum tissue. This affects nearly half of all adult smiles within the United States, and it can lead to serious harm for the lasting future of your smile if you do not seek treatment.

With our team of talented periodontic experts in Geneva and Fairport, NY, you can slow or even stop the progression of your gum disease with the help of a thorough cleaning at and below your gumline. Through a combined set of techniques known as scaling and root planing, you can take positive steps to improve the level of quality in your periodontal tissue. Schedule an appointment for your next cleaning and examination at your semiannual checkup, and learn about the advantages of scaling and root planing for your gums!

Gum Disease Can Cause Dental Damage, So Ask About Scaling And Root Planing

When you think about your oral health, are you focusing too heavily on your teeth? While we love to see a healthy set of pearly white teeth when you come into the office for your periodontal or implant care, there is more to your mouth. Your gums play a powerful role in the lasting strength of your smile, so be sure to ask your dentist about ways that you can improve your periodontal health regimen.

If you have started to experience the signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, do not wait to speak with your trusted dental provider. You might notice that your gumline has shifted, exposing more of your tooth than it had before, or your gums might appear red or swollen. Speak with your dentist about scaling and root planing if you start to see bleeding when you brush!

Scaling And Root Planing Can Help You To Stop Your Gum Disease

During your examination, your dentist might also recommend that you undergo some periodontal treatment if they notice the signs and symptoms of gum disease. The care for infected and inflamed gums often starts with a thorough cleaning of your smile at and below your gumline, where plaque and tartar can accumulate. Scaling and root planing can help you to have a fresher smile, free of your bacterial buildup, so talk with your dentist about periodontal care!

Learn About Scaling And Root Planing With Your Team Of Dental Experts At FLX Perio

When you have questions about you periodontal health, talk to our team to learn more about how scaling and root planing help you to care for your gums. For more information, give us a call at our Fairport, NY office at 585.223.6040!