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Better Periodontal Care With Lasers

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It may be easy to overlook someone’s healthy gums when they smile and speak, but the effects of periodontal disease can be hard to ignore. An infection will lead to tissue damage and attachment loss that results in tooth loss. Recession of the tissues is also a concern, as is trouble with discoloration, inflammation, and halitosis. At FLX Perio, we help patients who struggle with gum disease to manage their condition and protect against complications. One way we do this is through laser periodontal services that can remove infected tissues and bacteria! The LANAP laser protocol fights bacteria buildup and poor health while making care less invasive for patients.

The Importance Of Treating Active Periodontal Disease

Gingivitis, the first stage of poor gum health, is a reversible problem. Fortunately, it is often caught in time during regular dental exams and addressed so that an infection does not progress and become more severe. If trouble with your gums has progressed to something more advanced, you can require more support than your general dental office offers. In this situation, know that help is available with a periodontal specialist. Our office is ready to support people who are trying to keep a more severe infection from taking away their full smile and hurting their health. After evaluating you, we can assess if LANAP or another procedure can help.

How LANAP Benefits Patients Affected By Poor Gum Health

The LANAP laser protocol uses laser technology to make the work on your gum tissues less invasive and more comfortable. The precision offered by this approach protects healthy surrounding gum tissues and minimizes bleeding. This more conservative treatment option can actually reduce tissue damage to the point where suturing is not necessary for your recovery! The lasers will trim away bacteria and infected tissues so that they stop causing progressive harm; after this service is performed, your body will heal and produce healthy gum tissues.

We Can Offer An Effective Solution For Ongoing Periodontal Problems

Meeting with a periodontist in time to save your smile from advanced gum disease can be beneficial for your long-term health and appearance. We can recommend scaling and root planing to remove tartar buildup on your teeth roots and fight an infection. We can also treat unsightly receding gums. In cases where tooth loss is already a concern, we can discuss both safe tooth removal and work with dental implants to restore your complete smile.

Talk To FLX Periodontics About Laser Treatment For Gum Disease!

Problems with gum disease are serious enough to put you at risk for issues like tooth loss and tissue recession, and they can even make you more vulnerable to heart disease and other physical conditions. For more information on our use of lasers in periodontal treatment, call FLX Periodontics in Geneva, NY at 315.789.2389, or call our office in Fairport at 585.223.6040.